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Research profile of the “Educational Research Review”

The “Educational Research Review” is a twice per year journal published every six months since 2005. It is devoted solely to reports concerning research on educational processes. It is both a scholarly forum for the exchange of research results and a source of research models. The focus on the methodological aspects of research serves two functions: to motivate scholars to focus on new research problems and to set the standards in the field.

The journal consists of the following sections:

- Original research projects

- Meta-analyses of research on education

- Methods of data collection and analysis in educational research

- Outstanding texts by young scholars

- News from educational practice

- Information on Polish pedagogical studies

- Information on authors and text affiliations

- Style sheet for texts to be published


Original research projects

In this section we publish original articles which are reports from research on a specific problem. The title of the article should contain information on the variants which were researched upon. The article should present the theoretical basis for research, the procedures and methods applied as well as research results analysis and interpretation.


Meta-analyses of research on education

The texts published in this section should contain a thorough critical overview of the results of research on a specific problem, accompanied by statistical data concerning the procedures  applied in the project and the obtained results (the number of tests in which correlations were found; the number of tests in which no correlations were found, etc.). A meta-analytical article should offer a concise view of the issue in question, both from theoretical and methodological perspectives, and should outline further research in the field.


Methods of data collection and analysis in educational research

The function of this section is to popularize original and yet verified methods of data collection and analysis, both in terms of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The presentations of adopted methods are also welcome.


Outstanding texts by young scholars

This section serves primarily to promote the best research projects and research reports written by young scholars (before Ph.D.). Secondly, it is to serve educational purposes. We would like the open, i.e. public, assessment of the texts published here to propagate the best rules for pedagogical studies. This is why the author of the selected text will have the opportunity to publish it in this section if s/he agrees that the text be followed by a comment of a professor in the field – an experienced scholar. Such a text with a review will serve as feedback not only for the author but also for other scholars – readers.


News from educational practice

In this section we present news about innovative projects concerning educational practice, especially in the form of “research in action” or diagnostic and assessment research.


Information on Polish pedagogical studies

This section serves to gather and publish data concerning the new PhDs, professors and full professors as well as research grants awarded by the State Committee for Scientific Research. This section also offers information on international research programs (on the basis of the websites of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education).


We encourage all specialists in education to co-operate with us. We would like to thank the reviewers for critical and constructive comments and the professors forming the Advisory Board of our journal for their trust and positive approach to a journal presenting the results of empirical research on education and the methodological frameworks of such research.


Mariola Chomczyńska-Rubacha